Re: autorun

From: darkangel (
Date: 09/18/95

At 07:26 PM 9/14/95, The Mighty Spaz Twit wrote:
>On Thu, 14 Sep 1995, Daniel W. Burke wrote:
>> You wrote: 
>> >
>> >does anyone out there have an autorun that works in linux. I rewrote 
>> >automaint and it works fine, but i can't get autorun to work.
>> >I have changed the original so much i don't know what it even looks >i 
>> am running version 2.0 slackware with the 1.1.18 kernal. anyhelp would 
>> >be appreciated. 
>it depends on what shell you use - i use bash and i had wo write my own 
 I use the bash shell also, may i get a copy of your autorun and automaint



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