long vs. int

From: Sean Mountcastle (mtcastle@liii.com)
Date: 09/20/95

	I have two questions, and not a very good subject line ;)

	First, since the bitvectors start off at 0, if the maximum 
bitvector 2^31 or 2^32 (21474883648 or 4294967296) that can be contained 
in the long variable?  Pretty easy question eh?  I know, I know, but I 
forgot and can't seem to find it.

	Next, I've tried to change all the references to vnums and rnums 
to long from int, so I can increase the total number of rooms/obj/mobs in 
the game - this seems to have no effect, except when I change the line in 
db.c if (nr >= 99999) return;  I made this much larger to reflect the 
nature of long integers, but everytime I do this the MUD crashes upon 
boot-up with the error message: Room %ld is outside of any zone (%ld = 
virtual_nr) this is shortly after the if statement (++zone > 
top_of_zone_table)  - anyway I can fix this?

	Thanks in advance,

	- Sean Mountcastle

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