From: Entreri (
Date: 09/21/95

> >
> >   if(GET_LEVEL(ch) > 14)
> >        hit(ch, FIGHTING(ch), TYPE_UNDEFINED);
> >   /* Warrior's 4th Attack at level 20 */
> >Warriors will get attacks at 10 15 20 and 25
> >
> >change the class name to make more attacks for more clases
> >
> >
> it would be easier if you did a general skill checek and made skills
> for each attack.... that way if you want to add another class to the
> multi attack all you need to do is set the level for the skill.....
        I like it better this way for a couple of reasons.  Mainly because
I think that extra attacks would be something that would increase with
battle experience, and not something someone would teach you.  This way,
you automatically get extra attacks when you have completed an x amount
of battles/experience.  Also, this makes for a nice surprise when characters
reach such levels because they don't see the extra attack in the skill
list for their class.  Finally, this will automatically make characters of
higher level vs. characters of lower level more equal in case a daring
newbie decides to attack a high leveler that just died.  The high leveler
would have no eq, but would be hitting the newbie more times.  That high
leveler wouldn't be very happy if they were killed by a lower level just
because they hadn't practiced the extra attack(s).
Just my 2 |c|,

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