Managing SIGINT/UP

From: Rasmus R\xnlev (
Date: 09/22/95


I'm not sure wehter this is the right place to post this message, BUT, 
better posted than beeing sorry 8)

Anyways, the mud I code for is temporarily run at a 'test site', we've 
located a commercial site, but before we're finnished setting all that up 
we're old...

In the meantime we're running the mud at this site (in teh US 8) .. 
Now (don't ask me why 8) the netprovider sends all sorts of 
SIGTERM/SIGINT signals every 15 mins or so... and due to that the mud 
'closes down' and exits the autorun script..

Now what I  hoped for was that someone would know how to get arround 
this, so : 1) either the mud wouldnt shut down on the signal, or 
           2) the autorun script to continue and boot up the mud again.

currently it just quits, wich is rather anoying.... 

hope someone has a solution... 

Con... (overflowing your mailbox daily 8)

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