a few questions...

From: James VanRegenmortel (darkangel@globalone.net)
Date: 09/23/95

I have made alist of a few questions over the last 2 weeks, here goes...

1) How do i make the prompt in color? I tried to do it like everything else
   by adding CCRED(ch, C_NRM) etc... to the display prompt function in
   comm.c but when someone logs in the game crashed. Wehn i loged in as 
   my imo (with prompt off) I got in fine, but when i typed display all
   to show me the prompt, it crashed. Do i have to do something different
   to make the prompt in color?

2) I added multi-atttacks and they work with no bugs or probs, buy when 
   someone fights, it gives all the mobs attacks a round, then the players.
   What I want it to do is offset. i want the mobs first attack to go,
   then the players first, then the mobs second, then the players second..
   etc... to mix it up. How would i go about doing this?

3) Someone told me about a bug in a mud they used to play. If a player got
   over a certian number of coins, the amount rolled negative and the 
   game crashed. Is this the case in circle3.00bpl8? or is there a limit
   to the max amount to coins a player/mob can have total? If not, how can
   i set a limit to it so this doesn't happin.

4) I noticed the petshow boy is killable. He is a shopkeeper and
   shouldn't be. I looked in the shp file for his stuff to change his
   temper to make him not killable, but i couldn't find it? Where can i 
   change this?

5) Last, when someone types look in a room, all the mobs and players in 
   the room are different colors. I would like them to be different 
   colors, maybe mobs are orange, players are magenta or something.
   I can't find out where to change this since in the look function?
   it combinds the two into 1 and makes it a color. How would i
   seperate them?

Thanx in advance...


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