elven woods

From: The Darkest Soul... (df109@city.ac.uk)
Date: 09/28/95

anyone know who wrote this or have a finished version?
as the copy on cambot.res isn't complete

the problems with the version on the ftp site are as follows..

elf elven champion~
the Champion.~
An elven Champion is standing here looking at the trophies.
The elf infront of you is quite good looking and robust build (for an elf).
As far as you can see ~
147456 134260872 1000 S
30 -5 -10 1d4000+4128 1d6+13
450000 500000 8

last line shouldn't have the 8 on it and they're should be an extra line 
8 8 1

also mobs 19201, 19202 and 19203 need the + removed from in front of 
they're alignment value 

190.obj (this is the one that causes the seg fault, the mob one just 
crashes the game when you goto room 19019 or stat the mob)

scope telescope large~
a large telescope~
A large telescope is fastened on a tree.~
~   <----- in the file it is missing this ~ you must add this to get it load
12 1024 0
0 0 0 0
600 999999 10

It is also advisable to comment out the following lines from your zon file
otherwise they will generate errors as the following lines specify rooms 
that haven't been written into the wld file:

M 0 19202 1 19037               old druid to glade
E 1 19004 100 16                wield sword
E 1 19021 25 12           wear wool cape
M 0 19203 1 19037               fire elemental
E 1 19022 25 1            ring on finger
M 0 19204 10 19036      Huge bear to glade

That along with the fact that mob numbers suddenly go from 19011 to 19201
makes me think that this zone hasn't been completed and perhaps never will 
by the original writers

Tim (NewDawn Inc.)

Tim can be reached via computer technology at:
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