From: Daniel W. Burke (
Date: 09/28/95

You wrote: 
>Heres a question for you Circle 3.0 gurus:
>I am presently attempting to code a gain command on my mud, so mortals 
>not gain automatically upon receiving x amt of xps. In attempting to 
>this I entered the file limits.c and made some beggining changes to 
>function gain_exp(). If I comment out the GET_LEVEL(ch) += 1; line the 
>works well until you strike a blow that would give you adequate 

remove the call to advance_level from gain_exp() also....

and the gain command should be somehting along the line of

GET_LEVEL(ch) +=1; (after you check for enough exp that is)

if you'd like I could mail me gain_exp, I did basically the same thing, 
except it was in order to gain levels in multi-class....

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