Adding strings in misc/messages

From: Tel Janin Aellinsar (
Date: 12/01/95

This is a kind of stupid question, but I haven't really the time 
necessary to go poring through the code, so I'll see if someone else will 
do it for me. ;p

I'm trying to devise a way to add a new field to the misc/messages file, 
so that magic users in the same room get an extended description, IN 
ADDITION TO the one regularly displayed.  I've changed it so that the 
string is (presumably) read in correctly, though I haven't actually 
checked, but circle dies with a SIGBUS signal whenever we get around to 
actually displaying things.  gdb is no help whatsoever, beyond verifying 
that it was indeed a SIGBUS that killed circle (as if I couldn't tell 
from the 'Bus error' message).  The idea is that something like this 
would be displayed to fellow magic users in the room:

$n combines magical energies of Fire and Air!
A fireball leaps from $n's hands to strike $N!

Of course, this doesn't happen.  I just get 'Connection closed,' which 
simply will not do.  All that restarting foolishness.

And just out of curiosity, does anyone want my kludge to delay shutdown 
and optionally display a specified message every minute as a warning?  
You wouldn't believe how long it took me to figure out that SIGALRM was 
being shut off just a couple lines below where I turned it on.

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