From: Burkhard Knopf (
Date: 12/03/95

Hi CircleMudders!

After having read Jeremy's solution for this I thought mine was a bit
better (well, who wouldn't think that of their own code ;-).  It will
put all your rented items back to where they were (even when you're
used to put filled containers into containers which are in a container
which are in a container).
The information on the equip position is part of the struct obj_file_elem
so it's put into the plrobjs files.  No new files for just a couple of
The only problem with this is that you might have to dump your plrobjs
files (or rather reformat them :-) on some machines.

I put the files autoeq.patch.gz and autoeq.README on both  and

Running patch with the (ungzipped) autoeq.diff file as input will produce
new objsave.c and structs.h files.

When you're in doubt if the new struct obj_file_elem is compatible to
the old one just run the new version with a new plrobjs file tree.  If
the file length for a rent file with, say, 1 item is the same as with the
old one it should work without any changes on those files.

Enjoy, and mail me in case of any trouble

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