From: ShadowLord (
Date: 12/04/95

On Sun, 3 Dec 1995 wrote:

> About 2-3 weeks later, the Imps from sibylline had a pfile wipe,
> and Me, Nexus(the head imp on the old MB) were deleted, our sites 
> banned, and the backups for our mud were deleted.
> We got plain screwed by the team.
> Is there anything i can do?
> They still have our mud name, and all my code.
> This is absolute crap!

Your code is your material unless you signed some contract explicitly 
stating that whatever you wrote would remain as part of the MUD 
regardless of the state of the respective authors and any break-ups.

Thieves are thieves.  If you get negative publicity towards them it 
shouldn't vex you much afterwards.

As for how this works out legally, I'm not sure; the above is my 
interpretation of the law, which, unfortunately, doesn't hold up in most 
courts (that would be great, wouldn't it?).

As for you, I hope everyone has learned a very useful lesson.  It's okay 
to trust someone, but tempetation can overpower the most chivarlous of 
people; keep a back-up of your source code on a floppy, tape, or on your 
hard drive and make periodic backups, that way, if something like this 
happens to you, you aren't screwed too bad (after all,I'd venture to say 
it's easier to find a site than to recode your Mud _and_ find a site).  
And if you don't find a site, you can still screw them up by publically 
releasing the source code, it's generally harder to keep players if 
there's a bad publicity campaign and the Mud can easily be considered 
stock by some players standards... <g>

It could be worse, my site didn't keep my source code...

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