Coders needed

From: Thomas G. Dailey (
Date: 12/04/95

I apologize in advance for posting here when I know this is strictly to 
be used for coding problems but it is the most logical place.

ZombieMUD is looking for 1 or 2 experienced coders who would be willing 
to work in a team atmosphere.  We are a circle 3.0bpl8 mud with heavy 
modifications but need 1 or 2 people to bring us to the next level.  

If you joined our team, your opinion would be worth equal weight to 
EVERYONE elses, including the current imps.  You would be able to code 
what you liked as long as it fit the theme and held the game in balance, 
and you would make some great friends.  

ZombieMUD has been up since May 27, 1995 and is 100 levels with a good 
player database.  ZombieMUD is not a test mud.  Therefore, we require that 
you must be able to put the source up on your own linux ( or whatever ) 
machine off-line and then patch in whatever code you contribute.  

Please email and in the subject line put ZombieMUD:  Coder
or telnet 2150 and ask for Gore or Endrea.

Thanks in advance.

Tom Dailey
Gore - IMP
ZombieMUD 2150

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