Re: intermud?

From: FourSpace (
Date: 12/05/95

	Cat wrote:
	> So what exactly does this intermud do?
	> (Just getting some info to see if it's worth putting in)

	I like it.


Then why do i never see you on the mudlist??   :)

It is nice to be able to shoot the bull with some other imps
around the mud world.  ive been trying to convince some of my
imp friends to get connected... havent had too much success yet.
dont know if the location of the latest version has been posted,
but the code im using can be found by anonymous ftp to pub/tempus/intermud.tar.gz
... stryker may have a newer version available tho, so wait and
see if he responds.  this version has a few pagemaster macros in
it that wont be compatible with your mud.


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