Re: RBB: Really Big Bitvectors

From: Naved A Surve (
Date: 12/07/95

In message <> you said:
> 	I don't think that there is any way to compact the bits any 
> further.  Besides, are you REALLY worried about that extra 4 bytes * 10000 
> pc's and mobs?  

Graham is exactly correct in saying this.  Memory is cheap; CPU time is
expensive (think about how much it costs you to double your memory
relative to the cost of doubling the real speed, not the clock speed, of
your computer.)  Do whatever you can to decrease the complexity of your
logic, and trim the fat off your memory usage where it is practical to do so
without impacting on your performance.  The bitvector is such a widely used
data structure in circlemud; image the impact it would have on your mud if
you made every bitvector operation twice as slow!


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