Changing Player's Name

From: David A. Carver (
Date: 12/07/95

I've looked through the SET command for the wizards, and did not find a 
command to change a player's name. 

I've modified the table int act.wizard.c in do_set to accept another flag 
called NAME.  The format of this command is:

set victim name <new name>

The function is semi-working.  It changes the name in the player file, but 
if I try and do a STAT FILE <new name>, it says it cannot find the player 
in the file.  However, if I shut the mud down and then reboot it can find 
the player with the new name.

Here is the simple set of code I'm using:
   case 48:
       strncpy(GET_NAME(vict), val_arg, MAX_NAME_LENGTH)
That is it.   Is there anything else I need to change to get it to take 
immediate affect on line without rebooting the mud?

(Yeah, I know this isn't very secure, and that duplicate names could 
happen, but for now I just want to take care of getting this part of the 
function working correctly.)


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