Re: Simple question

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 12/11/95

	   I was just wondering if my theory here works.  After the place 
   where height is determined in db.c for new characters, i added a 
   switch(GET_RACE(ch)) because i added races and i want the heights to 
   differ.  Can i just use:

   switch (GET_RACE(ch)) {
   case RACE_HUMAN;
   case RACE_BLAH;
       ch->player.height *= .75;

   This is just an example but will the multiplying by decimal work or am i 
   doing this wrong?  

Well, first of all, I'm not sure if the *= operator exists, but assuming it
does, this could work.  However, I'd suggest making a racial modifier table
that has all the modifications for each race. Then you could reference it
like this:

 GET_STRENGTH(ch) += racial_modifiers[GET_RACE(ch)].str_mod; 
 ch->player.height = some_function(ch, racial_modifiers[GET_RACE(ch)].height_mod);

(just examples, but you get the picture...)
This eliminates the need for switch statements everytime you want to modify 
something based on race.

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