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From: Krautz Thomas (krautzt@leyla.rzpool.tu-cottbus.de)
Date: 12/13/95


I am currently coding a clan system and I am just wondering about
In the delete clan part I want to scan all the players (of course
also those that are not logged on) and reset their saved.clan to
the new value.  I have looked through the code but it really seems
like circle does not keep the stats of all its playerbase in memory
all the time. I have only found the playerindex which just has the
names and the idnums in them.  Do I really have to do a load every
char change it and save it back? Or are there any other ways
of changing something in the player_specials_saved for every players?
(Beside coding a new proc that loads everything in at once etc.
 I am talking about existing code)


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