From: Timothy Boelke (
Date: 12/13/95

	I hate to ask this one but I cannot seem to find it in the code, nor
in building.doc - What is the format of the socials - I've looked thru the
socials file, but I dont quite know how each message works, this is how I
read it though:

<social name> <# - What is this?> <# - What is this?>
<mesg to char no args>
<mesg to room no args>
<mesg to char arg = person>
<mesg to room arg = person>
<mesg to person arg = person>
<mesg cannot find arg>
<mesg to god char no args>
<mesg to room god char no args>

Is this right or did I mess-up?  I _think_ from reading the code that one
of the above # = hide if ch is invis, but I'm not sure about the other one.

	Many thanks in advance,

	- Glasgian @ The Dominion

The Dominion - 8400

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