Re: OLC interfaces, portability of binary files, spooking the NSA...

From: Michael Buselli (
Date: 12/14/95

On Thu, 14 Dec 1995, Pink Floyd wrote:

> The second way is to use commands such as medit, oedit, etc.  Every facet of
> building an object would be some subcommand of the oedit command, and the
> builder is in the game, playing, whatever, and uses the command at his
> convenience.  I kinda like this method a lot more, it seems like it would
> make building more fun, but less productive.  It doesn't seem like it would
> be as fast as the menu method, and since I couldn't have a series of
> questions and answers, its possible that they could forget to set something,
> whatever.  (I could probably put in safeguards for that, though.)
> Does anyone have any suggestions or experience for what makes a successful,
> appealing OLC?

     I really have to say I like the way I've done the OLC interface for 
a mud that I'm no longer running.  I set a new variable for the player to 
one of several predefined values, OLC_MEDIT, OLC_OEDIT, OLC_NONE, etc, 
for the mode that the player is in (rather than in the connected 
variable) so that the builder can still interact while OLCing.  When in a 
mode like that, I first send the builders input to another interpreter 
function, say, medit_interpreter for example, which and if it returns 
TRUE then interpreter isn't called.  medit_interpreter looks at the 
player's input and first checks number of characters typed.  A single 
character is assumed to be a direction and so the function immediatly 
returns FALSE.  If there are any more characters, then I parse the 
command similarly to the way do_set does, and if the command is a valid 
medit command the function returns TRUE, otherwise FALSE so the command 
interpreter can get to it.

     If anyone wants my olc.c, I'll be happy to send it.  I do lots of
funny things though, like my whole mob prototype table is now on a hash
(NO friggin RNUMs!!  YEAH!!).  I only completed the mob editing portion
before I stopped working on it, but there's also part of zedit there too. 
It's a rather large file as it is, so I didn't want to post it here unless
several people are interested.  In fact, I can't believe I actually typed
that much in way back when... it's a scary feeling.

Michael Buselli

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