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From: Alex (
Date: 12/15/95

On Fri, 15 Dec 1995, Ben Leibig wrote:
> What you might wanna try with is a command based editor.
Command based editors are good... At VieMud (not a circle I know, but
oh well... (= ), we have an excellent one based on DikuEd... partly
since DikuEd was the offline editor of choice before I got there, and
partly because the guy who wrote DikuEd also put a lot of time into
our OLC system... (or so it would seem atleast. (= ).  Anyways, our
system actually breaks down into 4 main commands for olc:
create   (this is used to lock zones; create rooms, objs, mobs; save work;
          discard; etc)
redit    (this is used to edit rooms... ie:  'redit desc' would edit the
          room's desc)
oedit    (same as redit, except for objs... interfaces change slightly
          dependant on objtypes...)
medit    (same as redit, except for mobs)

All of these accept word flags too, for example:
    > medit aff detect_invis invis sanct
would toggle the detect_invis, invis, and santuary flags on the mob...
Having so few commands also allows us to keep the command array simple
(well, simple enough so that we can add other commands... (= )  I
personally prefer this kind of command line system because it allows
you to ask for help if you need any, or to play with other commands
and whatnot while you are still in creation.
Notice that we don't have a zedit command... again, this is my 
preference, because I prefer to be able to sit down and debug the
zone file by hand (actually, I do almost all of my building offline,
but that's only me... (= ), so that I can see what might be wrong in
it.  *shrug*

--  Alex
"Spoon!" -- The Tick

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