Re: relatively simple hack to lookup login-names (fwd)

From: John T. Cox (
Date: 12/17/95

> > I can't wait, no more lag from gethostbyaddr *bounce*.
> Profile those fork() calls though, its one of the slowest system calls!  If
> your platform supports vfork() use that, but plain old fork() is a major
> performance hit.
Fork is EVIL. Our head coder has threatened to kill anyone who uses it :P.

My understanding is what we will have, is that upon starting the mud server
will spawn a seperate process (just one). This 2nd process, will be a
daemon which will pass characters on to the main process after all the
login BS. A lot of the discussion I've seen on here is sentered around
starting a process for every new connection. We'll only have 2 processes
and never more for the mud.

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