From: Herbert Kremser (
Date: 12/18/95

On Mon, 18 Dec 1995, Levork wrote:

> > Perhaps it manages both, but it makes little sense. Why would a 
> > non-prototype mob be any different from a prototyped mob, short of stats?
> For freeing strings associated with the mob, when free_char is called. It 
> is generally safe to free all the strings of non-prototyped mobs (mobs with 
> rnum -1); but if the mob is prototyped then freeing strings screws up all 
> future invocations of that mob.

This only makes sense on circle mud, where prototypes can have strings
associated with them. This wasn't the case in stock diku.
Noticing that even in free_char the macro IS_MOB is _not_ used, but rather
the explicit version of IS_MOB, it seems obvious, that this wasn't the 
intention of that Macro.

Scanning through original code, it seems to be more a safecheck, to see if
values on the mobtable can be used. The main usage seem to be a check if
that mob has a special procedure.
Nonprototyped mobs of course can't have a special.

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