From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 12/18/95

There's a bug in pl8's get_max_descs which fails if rlimit returns
-1 (RLIM_INFINITY).  It's fixed in pl9, but for now you can just add
a line to the beginning that says "return 300" instead of executing the
rlimit code.  (This is in comm.c).

Please forgive incoherencies in the above code but--well, it is finals

> On Mon, 18 Dec 1995, Dan mackey wrote:
> > Hi i'm having a problem i'v compiled circle on my Freebsd box
> > and everytime i start the mud i cant log on. I've cheaked the log file
> > and is says max users not set to positive number i checked the config
> > file its set to 300 and searched throuth the code and cant find the 
> > problem is this a bug or what ?
> > 
> You may have gone over the limit on your machine itself... try setting
> the limit to say 200 and see what happens.
> --  Alex
> "Spoon!" -- The Tick

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