Re: fork, vfork, shared mem, et al...

From: Chris Austin (caustin@Direct.CA)
Date: 12/20/95

On Wed, 20 Dec 1995, Tel Janin Aellinsar wrote:

> I apologize for actually using this mailing list for its intended
> purpose, but you'll just have to deal with it. ;p
> I've been sort of thinking about how to go about rewriting Circle for a 
> fork/vfork/etc style of input and output.  It would be a MAJOR rewrite, 
> of course...  or at least a big one.  However, since this would be my 
> first experience with real official multitasking, it shouldn't hurt me to 
> think about it a little (in the event that I need to use it at a later 
> date, or ever get around to doing that rewrite).


I've been following this thread a bit and I just have to ask one 
question.  Why?  What are you trying to accompilish by doing this?  Such 
an undertaking is going to require extensive coding and testing.  What 
problem in the stock circle code do you think you are going to overcome 
by writing this much code?


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