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Date: 12/26/95

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> In a message dated 95-12-25 22:24:48 EST, you write:
> > What is the difference between a Unix Text file and Dos. I have changed
> >just the smallest of things and my unix compiler finds more errors then
> >medusa has places to hang her coat. Whats a good editor to edit source in
> >dos to 
> >later upload ro my unix for compilation.
> I do all my editing from my pentium just using notepad or wordpad in
> windows... haven't run into any problems, and it's easy to move source back
> and forth from my linux box using a windows FTP client.

Oh yeah.  ASCII-mode FTP strips CR/LF pairs from a file and translates 
them to a lone CR.  Binary-mode FTP autoconverts (or should) CR's to 
CR/LF pairs.  So you can convert them that way (that's probably what 
you're doing).

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