Possible GCC problem/kernel problem?

From: Steve (quickey@cyberverse.com)
Date: 12/28/95

Occasionally the mud crashes and when i do a backtrace i get this, and it
doesn't just happen in create_money() occasionally in other functions it
will bomb out, and it doesn't always happen everytime in create_money().
I did notice it happen a few weeks after switching from gcc 2.5.6 to 2.7.0
I'm using Linux 1.2.13, anybody else seen/know why or what causes this crash?

#0  0x60019b0c in end ()
#1  0x2b in ?? ()
#2  0x6000a1fa in end ()
#3  0xada78 in __gnu_calloc (__nmemb=43, __n=1) at /usr/include/stdlib.h:217
#4  0xac4a0 in str_dup (
    source=0xbffff780 "A little pile of gold coins is lying here.")
    at utils.c:75
#5  0x76550 in create_money (amount=34) at handler.c:1202
#6  0x6e374 in make_corpse (ch=0x358600) at fight.c:289
#7  0x6e637 in raw_kill (ch=0x358600, killer=0x35b200) at fight.c:345
#8  0x6e7e1 in die (ch=0x358600, killer=0x35b200) at fight.c:365
#9  0x70002 in damage (ch=0x35b200, victim=0x358600, dam=18, attacktype=307)
    at fight.c:765
#10 0x70a0d in hit (ch=0x35b200, victim=0x358600, type=-1) at fight.c:902
#11 0x70c6d in perform_violence () at fight.c:943
#12 0x28c5 in game_loop (mother_desc=3) at comm.c:542
#13 0x1766 in init_game (port=4000) at comm.c:213
#14 0x1664 in main (argc=3, argv=0xbffffd2c) at comm.c:185

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