some more coding questions
Date: 01/05/96

        I've been tracing through the source code a lot more and now am
getting the hang of how you impliment new spells and skills .. but again I
have some new questions :)

        If I wanted to create a skill cut throat, for thieves, which would
allow you to cut the victims throat and do increased damage and cause it to
loose hit points slowly.. here is my guesses..

1: You'd have to add it to spells.h 
2: Add it to the list in spell_parser.c
3: Add it to the bottom of spell_parser.c in the spello(...) procedure
4: to constant.c
   to mob_x add !cut
   to aff_x add cut
5: to structs.h:
    Add a Mob_Nocut (1 << 18) around line 150
    Change one of the unused around line 200 to AFF_CUT
6: Add BASH to the interpreter.c list
7: Make a do_cut function in fight.c that is about the same as BASH except
if it works 
   sets the cut variables.

        Then I get a little confused... ok. My guesses are you must add
something somewhere that makes a timer for how long cut lasts. Then, every
time things are updated, if you are cut you loose some hit points, and it
sends messages to you and the room. And in the fight.c or somewhere, when it
calculates damage, if the victom is cut you do 1.5x more damage or
something. If you get healed by one of the more powerfull healing spells
they will remove the CUT flag if it exists. I am unsure how you would make
mobs be able to cut...

        Any help with how/where do make these changes is apprec...once I
finaly learn how to do something as a CUT procedure then I should be able to
figure out most of the spells/skills..

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