Re: Is there a getch()?

From: d. hall (
Date: 02/07/96

 thus on Wed, 7 Feb 1996 10:26:26 -0500 (EST), root virtually scripted...

root> This is more of a general c question I think.  I want someone to be
root> able to type in a letter and have my code react immediately (not
root> after they press enter).  All of the ansi c books I have say to use
root> getch().  I don't have getch().  It is supposed to be in stdio.h or
root> conio.h.  I don't have a conio.h and it isn't in stdio.h.  I am
root> running linux(bunch of different versions) with gnu c 2.6.3.  Is
root> there another name for getch()?

getch is a normally a dos function for a dos compiler, YMMV (conio is
normally found in MS and turbo/borland compilers).

turning off term echoing is very architecture dependant, and putting
something like that in your mud code requires you review
/usr/include/arpa/telnet for the revelant codes to send to the recipient.

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