Re: Circle 3.0 bpl 9

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 02/08/96

> The only problem with this new "Configure" method is that it makes it more 
> difficult to port it over to other non-Unix operating systems.  I've got 
> Circlepl8 running on OS/2 with very minor changes.  But with Circlepl9, 
> I'd have to go through and rewrite the whole Configure script into REXX.  
> After taking a look at the massive script, I don't even want to think 
> about it.
> Unless there is someway to have  SYSDEP.H and CONF.H files be generated 
> independtly of actually running the script, I'll probably be sticking with 
> pl8 and migrating some of the more useful enhancements over to it.

I don't think there's any reason to even bother with 'configure' under
OS/2.  I didn't even write 'configure'; I wrote '' and then
ran it through a program called 'autoconf' which generated the 'configure'
script for me.  (Since it's automatically generated it should not be
manually modified).

If you're using OS/2, really the best thing to do IMHO is to delete (or
ignore) 'configure', copy '' to 'conf.h', and manually turn on
or off any features that OS/2 has.

sysdep.h is not generated by configure, it's just a normal header file that
I wrote myself.

I'd encourage you to try to get pl9 working: it shouldn't be that hard at

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