Re: Is there a getch()?

From: d. hall (
Date: 02/08/96


 thus on Thu, 08 Feb 96 19:18:05 EST, Edward virtually scripted...

Edward> I think everyone is missing something.

no... i don't think so.

Edward> There shouldn't be a need for a new editor in circle, if everyone
Edward> is using their OS correctly.  I'm using OS/2, and whenever I have
Edward> something I want post such as a board message or a new room
Edward> description, I simply fire up my favorite editor, write it, Stick
Edward> it in my clipboard then post it to my telnet process.  Works great,
Edward> especially with room descriptions, as I even have a backup in case
Edward> something goes wrong. Plus, it's lag friendly. ;-)

Edward> I don't know much about unix, but surely it is cut/paste friendly
Edward> even in text mode, am I wrong?

uhm... sorry for those of us who just deem it that i don't want to use a
graphical user interface... (before i go into a rant)  sometimes i just
don't feel like firing up X, so i just stick with the VC in linux.  the
only way i can do cut and paste is via screen.  what the hell is up with
OS/2 people that they can't just accept the likelihood that their OS isn't
the best in the world?  any it's a matter of interface, and not OS.  via
any unix system you have the options of

	1. using X
	2. using screen
	3. using tintin with the #textin option

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