Guildmasters training only certian...

From: Brian Jones (
Date: 02/10/96

	I am trying to make mobs scattered around the world only train 
certian skills. But every way I try to do this seems to end up not working.
I scanned through the code and all I can find so far is where it defines 
guild guards in the SPECIAL(guild) procedure.  I was thinking of making a 
struct location_guild[] = 3005, 3501, 3506 5043, 5321;
 or however it would be defined. the numbers showing the Room numbers the 
teacher is in. in the SPECIAL(guild) procedure it would cycle through and 
see if you where in any of those rooms. If you where there would be 
another structure defined like this ...
struct skills_taught[5][] = ...
 and somehow having an array like this
    random number         random number         random number
     of skills              of skills            of skills
and define the skill #'s in skills_taught.  so if you where in room 
3501 it was the second in the list, and you would scan through
 for (int i; i<SIZE_OF(skills_taught[2][]); ++i)
  if (skills_taught[2][i] = 150) 
   break 1;
(that is psuedo code above:)  
 so that would scan through the second collum of SKILLS_TAUGHT looking 
for skill number 150. if that person taught skill 150 it would begin to 
train. if not it would say "Sorry but I do not know that skill"  does 
anyone grasp what I am getting at? :) or perhaps a better way to do it..

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