From: Ron Hensley (
Date: 02/10/96

> You have not provided any information useful for solving the problem.
> On my computer, Circle does not crash with excess input.
> What version of Circle are you using?  What operating system name and
> version?  What compiler warnings, if any, did you get?  Most importantly,
> what is the stack trace as reported by the core dump?

Patch level 8
no warnings at all, been running for months, and like i said, happens 
with both my hacked up source, or with a frshly downloaded copy from jhu

gdb reports:
 #0 0x5d206464 in null (
 cannot access memory at address 0x646464c

which tells me nothing, but it seems obvious it char *argument getting 
overfilled on calls to ACMD's if they are too big.

Theres no checking done to trim them before accessing the memory it 
points to

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