Re: Spec_proc for multi city

From: Daniel W. Burke (
Date: 02/12/96

At 10:42 PM 2/12/96 +1130, you wrote:
>I am workiung on making my mud multi city.  First of all does Circlemud 
>have built in usage of hometowns and citizenship
>second of all has anyone wrote a special procedure for a room or mob that 
>allows players(after they die or when they come into the game in my case) 
>say or do somthing and be put in the city of there choice.  Ie i might 
>have a room where you can type 
>Pray <city name> and be put in the starting point of that city
>then i would set that to the mortal start room and have it be unconnected 
>to the world.  Any ideas?

I made a VERY small mod for multiple hometowns....
mortal_start_room defined in config.c I made an array,  indicating
startrooms for each town, referenced by r_mortal_start_room[GET_HOME()]...
it's a very simple patch that I could post if necessary, I changed I think 6
lines of code, and added 4 lines... just be sure to compensate for it in
spell_recall, and where r_mortal_start_room is resolved in db.c

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