Disarm Help (fwd)

From: Hades (tourach@cyber1.servtech.com)
Date: 02/14/96

Forwarded message:
> G'day all, I'm trying to write a Disarm skill for fighters which should
> *all fingers crossed* disarm the mobile for between 1-3 rounds of a fight.
> I have all the checks in place but I have no idea where remove the the
> weapon and then make the mobile wield it again after the disarmed rounds are
> over with.
> Thanks in advance
> Wid
Well removing the weapon is simple:

unequip_char(<mob>, WEAR_WIELD);

Re-equipping is a bit harder. You are going to have to set a mob timer or
some such other counter to track how long he'd been disarmed. id
GET_MOB_WAIT(ch) a circle function or is it something the other imp I work
with coded? You can make code in mobact.c to make mobs auto-wield any
weapons in their inventory (my mobs do this, it makes them a bit more
intelligent, they also wear any armor they pick up). Just set a timer that
when it's diarmed the timer is set to say 3, then every mob pulse in
mobact.c decrease the timer by 1,  if the timer >= 1 then have it skip over
the auto-wield code, or if you don't want auto-wield, when the timer hits 0,
make the mob wield the first weapon in his inventory (as that is what will
have been disarmed.

This make any sense? :)

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