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From: Sammy (
Date: 02/14/96

On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, Jeremy Elson wrote:

> >    I know the title isn't very descriptive of my problem but i couldn't
> > find a better one. I'm currently working on a MUD (surprise!) and all
> > was working well. Suddenly, the game started to crash like hell.
> >    Well, nothing new about that, you say. The problem is that it crashes
> > inside malloc. The crash is sometimes with BUS error, others with SEGFAULT.
> > And the worst is that it is more or less random. Sometimes it doesn't crash,
> > other times, it crashes. I can't find anything wrong with the code.
> >    I forgot to mention that when malloc crashes it has been called from
> > either fprintf ou realloc, or things of the sort.
> >    I've even tried changing machine, from a DGUX to a SUN OS, and it still
> > crashes, only more rarely.
> > 
> >    As anyone ever experienced this, and if so how did you solve it? I could
> > really use some help.
> Most likely, some code you have recently added is corrupting the malloc
> arena (i.e., you're screwing up malloc's intenal data structures, causing
> it to crash.)  This can be caused by overwriting a malloc()'d piece of
> memory, calling free() twice on the same piece of memory, or calling free()
> on a piece of memory that was never malloc()'d in the first place (i.e.
> calling free() on an array).
> If these crashes have started "suddenly", as you've said, it probably
> means the most recent change you made to the code before it suddenly
> started crashing was the problem.  Take it out.

I've seen this described here before, and I remember a previous cause 
being a new social that wasn't added correctly.


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