From: Pedro Saputo (
Date: 02/20/96

I'm getting crazy around this:

a few days ago i decided to start renting in the mud so i compiled it today
i get a problem one of my players called Cyrano started to play but just when he started playing (typing 1 in the menu) the mud crashed first in the syslog
said it was a invalid rent type more or less but i deleted the cyrano.objs file and the problem still continues only just that in the syslog apperas a malloc err Out of memory i do not understand it so i tryed a drasstical solution :
delete the character i put set file cyrano delete on but no purged it (dont know how to do) and started with a new cyrano created it and again when started it the mud broke again with another thing i cant undertand the mud started to work alone again without execute autorun again 

What can I do? i will be enough to purge the players file? please tell me how

otherwise does can anybody tell me what happens and how to solve it?

Thanks in advance

VicenÁ Ila Juarez
Implementor of DifferentMud

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