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From: Ben Leibig (leibig@robin.bvsd.k12.co.us)
Date: 02/20/96

I wrote the following 29 lines of code inplace of do_gold.  Basicly what 
it does is spilts your coinage into 3 diffrent units and desplays it 
that way.  What i want to do is make it so whever you see gold in units 
it goes this way.  What this means is i have to change a LOT of code and 
i dont want to have to put this in every place.  What i am woundering is 
can i set this up so i can do somthing like,
sprintf(buf, "That will be %s", GET_SPLITGOLD(amount)
and have GET_SPLITGOLD take a number of normal coins and output a the 
results of this in a string.  Any ideas?

P.s. Sorry bout the code but last time no one gave me a real anwser cuz i 
dont think they understood what i was going.  ALSO i WOULD like to make 
it so there are 10 copper in a silver, 20 silver in a gold.  Right now 
its 10, 10..  Any ideas how i could modify the first 3 lines to acheve that?

int  cgold=GET_GOLD(ch)/100; 
int  csilver=(GET_GOLD(ch)%100)/10; 
int  ccopper=GET_GOLD(ch)%10;
  if (GET_GOLD(ch) == 0)
    send_to_char("You're broke!\r\n", ch);
  else if (GET_GOLD(ch) == 1)
    send_to_char("You have one miserable copper penny", ch);
  else {
   sprintf(buf, "You have ");  
   if (cgold > 1)
     sprintf(buf, "%s%d gold coins", buf,cgold);
   if (cgold == 1)
     sprintf(buf, "%s1 gold coin", buf, cgold);
   if (cgold > 0 && csilver > 0)
     sprintf(buf, "%s, ", buf)
   if (csilver > 1){
     sprintf(buf, "%s%d silver pennies", csilver);
   if (csilver == 1)
     sprintf(buf, "%s1 silver pennie", buf);
   if (cgold > 0 || csilver > 0)
     sprintf(buf, "%s and ", buf)
   if (ccopper == 0)
     sprintf(buf, "%s.\r\n", buf)
   if (ccopper >1)
     sprintf(buf, "%s %d copper pennies. \r\n",buf, ccopper);
   if (ccoper = 1)
     sprintf(buf, "%s 1 copper penny.\r\n",buf)

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