Re: Circle 2.2 on FreeBSD 2.1

From: Brian Gray (
Date: 02/21/96

On Wed, 21 Feb 1996, Sergei Barbarash wrote:

> FreeBSD indeed has problems with crypt library - either you need to use 
> DES encryption (which use is limited for USA only) or to compile the MUD 
> without encrypting the passwords. Jeremy has added a NOCRYPT compilation 
> flag to the main MUD server code, but didn't do that for the utilities. 
> All you have to do is to replace the following in util/mudpasswd.c :

  ...or just use FreeBSD's internal crypt algorithm.  It requires adding 
a new prototype in utils.h (#ifdef (__FreeBSD__)...) and linking with 
LIBS = -lcrypt.  Forget about porting an existing pfile as the algorithm 
is different, but it can be done rather easily.  I've already sent the 
original poster the instructions.

 -- Mandy of The Multiplex 4747

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