Re: Circle 2.2 on FreeBSD 2.1

From: Sergei Barbarash (
Date: 02/21/96

Jeremy Elson wrote:
> Does FreeBSD still have this problem with Circle 3.0 patchlevel 9?  The
> configure script should automatically use the -lcrypt library if it exists.
> If anyone has access to FreeBSD, please try the latest patchlevel (patch 9,
> the one that uses the 'configure' program) and let me know if passwords
> work.  If not, and you can fix it, please send me a patch.

I guess it works, but I nevertheless skip the password encryption: FreeBSD's
libcrypt (not DES) is having some strange problems with it, and I thought that
non-encrypted passwords in _MY_ case won't be a big security hole. So I never
tried encryption in Circle since 2.2

> (PS to Sergei - mudpasswd.c has already been fixed in pl10)

Congrats ;))

> >   ...or just use FreeBSD's internal crypt algorithm.  It requires adding
> > a new prototype in utils.h (#ifdef (__FreeBSD__)...) and linking with
> > LIBS = -lcrypt.  Forget about porting an existing pfile as the algorithm
> > is different, but it can be done rather easily.  I've already sent the
> > original poster the instructions.

I guess the original poster is me, but I never got neither your personal message
nor this one :O I am still not convinced that it would work that way (it should,
though I couldn't make it work back in 2.2).


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