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From: Michael Buselli (
Date: 02/22/96

On Thu, 22 Feb 1996 wrote:

> I'm attempting to implement some new skills for fighter-types, and I noticed
> that each character has one attack per round (not counting kick, punch, etc.).
> Now I'm sure that someone has done this many times before, but how the ?????
> would you go about doing multiple automatic attacks per round?  I figure that
> you would have to change both act.violent.c and fight.c in some way.  Any
> answers?

     I have done this.  The first thing I did was change the name of the 
hit() function to single_hit().  Then I wrote a new hit() function which 
you see below.  Basically, it keeps the number of attacks per round in 
one variable, the number of left over "unused attack parts" from the last 
round, and then adds them together, subtracting the number of "parts" 
each attack until there aren't enough parts left and the character has to 
wait until the next round.  I hope you understood that gibberish I just 
spewed out, but if not, look at the code and see. :)  Also worth 
mentioning is that multiple attacks are only invoked if the type of 
attack is TYPE_UNDEFINED, which is important.  If you care about 
ambidexterity, you've got half the code needed to implement it below as 
well. :)

     This is of course just one way to implement multiple attacks.  I 
have seen many other ideas thrown around before as well about how they 
should work.

void hit(struct char_data *ch, struct char_data *victim, int type)
  void single_hit(struct char_data *ch, struct char_data *victim, int type);

  if (type != TYPE_UNDEFINED)
    single_hit(ch, victim, type);
  else {
    if (!FIGHTING(ch))
      GET_APR_POINTS(ch) = 0;
    for (GET_APR_POINTS(ch) += GET_APR(ch);
      if (ch->in_room != victim->in_room) {
        if (FIGHTING(ch))
        /* This is so we don't get double attacks next round. */
      single_hit(ch, victim, type);
        && number(1, 100) <= GET_SKILL(ch, SKILL_AMBIDEX)
        && ch->equipment[WEAR_HOLD]
        && GET_OBJ_TYPE(ch->equipment[WEAR_HOLD]) == ITEM_WEAPON
        && !STYLE_FLAGGED(ch, STYLE_PARRY)) /* can't ambi when parrying */
      single_hit(ch, victim, SKILL_AMBIDEX);

Michael Buselli

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