Problem with Special(GUILD) changes

From: Brian Jones (
Date: 02/22/96

I added spec_procs.h which defined an array exactly like the damag 
message one in fight.c, except having skill1, skill2, skill3, etc since I 
have not figured a way to use an array or something in there..

anyhow. What it does is
 prac_taught[guild_info1].skill1 ... skill10   lists the skills that 
guild person teaches. I add a little thing that sets guild_info1 to 0, 
then cases through saying if world[ch->in_room] == 3001 then guild_info1 
= 2   for guild #2 or whatever it may be.

	All my code has been moved down to AFTER where it gets the 
argument to the practice command. Added code just has a big if statement 
that checks to see that the person teaches the skill number or else says 
"I can't help you with that"

	But whenever I add my code, the skill_number argument that should 
be the skill you want to learn is -1 no matter what you type!!! Even if 
you type practice alone! Its driving me crazy loading my backup copy, 
seeing it works, adding my changes, and seeing "Skill_Num: -1"  why is it 
doing this? Is my prac_taught array overstepping memory? (it has 2 10 
skill guilds so far), I have no clue why. If you think you can help by 
looking at the source i'll mail you the file.. but its driving me nuts. 
thanks in advance.

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