Re: objects in nowhere

From: Hades (
Date: 02/26/96

> On Sun, 25 Feb 1996, Hades wrote:
> > I keep getting tons of objects located in nowhere... and can't seem to track
> What exactly is showing them in "nowhere" ?  The WHERE command, or some 
> olc code you got somewhere/coded yourself?  Because, NOWHERE is -1 and 
> that is where all objects which reside in containers or equipment have 
> their in_room set to... which is as it should be...

In nowhere meaning it's not on a player, not in a players inventory, in
room_nowhere, and not in a container.

It's the same thing that would happen to an object if you did this function:

void make_nowhere_object(int vnum)
  struct obj_data *obj;

  obj = read_object(vnum, VIRTUAL0;


It would load an object into memory but it wouldn't go anywhere, not on a
char, not in his inv, not in a room and not in a container. Jusat floating
about, wasting memory, because it's impossible to get these items. *shrug*

Guess I'll have to just keep going through the code.

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