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From: spaz (
Date: 02/28/96

I am brand new to this whole thing.  I have installed Lunix on a machine,
slackware version with mods a ap d f & n.  I tried to install circle with
make all, and it throws errors of file not found all over the place.
knowing little or not a lot about unix / lunix / xenix I cannot figure out
how to pip the error messages to a file, so it scrolls off the screen.  but
the ones left on the screen are all about file not found.  I copy the files
to the directories it is looking for, and it still errors on them.  The
circle version is 3.0bpl8  

Anyway, I suppose what I am looking for is a good mudding tutorial /
installation guide / whatever.  I purchased a unix for dummies book, but as
I am not a dummy, it does not do a lot for me.  Way too basic.  I am an
experienced C++ programmer as well as database programmer, so I can handle
any coding needed.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. 

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