Re: Shared Memory

From: Brian Pape (
Date: 03/01/96

> > Whether you call a blocking function at login or later, the single threaded
> > mud will still be lag'd until either the function times out or a value is
> > returned.
> > 
> And here is the crux of my problem.
> Threads are great, but 1) Linux doesnt have them unless I use pthreads.(*)
> 2) Pthreads hasnt made to EVERY platform yet...and it seems like thread
> implementations aren't standard yet...

1) Is *your* muds going to make it to every platform?  If not, don't lose 
sleep over it, and do something fast, efficient, and easy: Pthreads.  My 
muds runs several such time-consuming things as pthreads.

Brian Pape

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