Re: OLC troubles

From: Edward Becker (
Date: 03/04/96

On Mon, 4 Mar 1996 02:19:50 +0000 (GMT) you wrote:

>I wish I had.  I've only fixed the bug, and so far, only in redit.
>Once I've got the bugs out of iedit I may start work on a medit and
>zedit.  Urgh.  Anyone already made a start on these?

I use the redit and the iedit you refer to, but I modified them to work with Samedi's OLC... Samedi's OLC is nice in that it does not allow two builders to edit in the same zone at the same time, and I've modified REDIT and IEDIT to do the same based on Samedis OLC code. It also remembers who builders are in zone through reboot, and it has medit and zedit, too.

It can be found at in pub/samedi

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