Re: License Diku / Circle

From: Erik (
Date: 03/04/96

On Mon, 4 Mar 1996 wrote:

> If this is someone running a mud on a university computer, at no cost 
> to themselves, I would agree with you (Excluding the time they put 
> into working on the MUD, but this is negligable since most people do 
> it because they really enjoy it). However, someone like myself 
> who has their own internet site at their house would be able to 
> offset some of the cost of running the site if they were able to 
> accept donations. One of the main reasons I built my site was to set 
> up and run a MUD, as I have been an avid fan/player for years and 
> always wanted to run one myself. I am probably going to get an ISDN 
> backbone connection in June, which is costing me $1300 for the 
> router, $500 setup fee, then approx. $450 a month after that to have 
> the site. It would take a hell of a lot of donations to turn a 
> profit. 
  But if you set up a system to run your mud, there is no need for the 
mud to generate income. Your system alone can do that, simply by selling 
accounts. That's kinda what Sojourn did. The needed a new, stable site 
for their mud, poured much money into making one, and then one day said 
'Hey, we've come this far, let's become an ISP'. They now have a 
self-supporting system, and nothing has been asked from the players.

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