Re: Looking for a circle mud to play.

From: Christopher M. Lee (
Date: 03/05/96

At 05:40 PM 3/5/96 PST, you wrote:
>At 07:56 PM 2/23/96 -0800, you wrote:
>>Okay I know I am going to get a ton of responses on this.  I am looking for
>>someone running a circle mud (3.0 perfered) to check it out.
>>Thanks for the replies.........
>Did you expect to get a lot of happy replies, or did you expect to get a lot
>of flames?  This mailing list is for people who wish to discuss various
>topics about immplementing a CicleMUD.  For advirtisements please check

Actually I have a mud up and running, maybe I should have been more specific
to my needs, I am looking to run circle 3.0 and wanted to see some sites
that already are running circle 3.0 as I am running 2.2 now.  The idea was
to see the changes in action with-out downloading and running it myself.
Make sense?  I hope so, as I just joined this group about a month ago and so
far all the responses and emails have been helpful and full of great advice.
If now when I ask a question I am going to be flamed by people like you for
being a beginner in the mud administration area, well it does not say much
for this mailing list.  
Just a thought as I have noticed that almost all of the people on this list
are very helpful and give advice freely.

Oh, and Jason please understand I am not flaming you back, I just wanted to
clear up why I asked for this information in case my meaning was
misunderstood by anyone else.


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