Hi there =)

From: Isak Styf (Isak.Styf@forv.mh.se)
Date: 03/07/96

Hi all !!

My name is Isak and im a 19 yrs old guy from Sweden who is new to this
mailinglist. I have been poking around with CircleMUD for quite some time
and has now begun to evaluate the possibilities to make a descent
Macintosh-port. Yeah, yeah. I HAVE read the README-file that clearly states
that CircleMUD cant be run under Windows or on Macintoshes. However I am
curious about the reason for why it cant run on a Mac. If it cant run under
Windows its just fine with me, but i would be very interested in any
opinion why Circle cant be ported to the Macintosh ...

Please help me! I just want to hear your opinion, and i promise by all gods
that i wont be flooding this list with porting-specific information since i
know you wont give a damn about that.

Please answer my humble questions and you might be helpful to share the
wonderful world of DikuMUD with even more people out there ...

With many thanks in advance:

/Isak Styf

/* A mean looking .sig virus stands here tied to a pole */

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