Re: Room Bits

From: Brian Pape (
Date: 03/08/96

> to temporarily set a bit on a room if something else is true. For 
> example: I want to make a NOMAGIC flag for objects. I want any room that 
> the nomagic object is in to be flagged NOMAGIC as long as the object is 
> in that rom, and then remove the bit when the object is removed.

Instead of doing that, why not make a function called 
obj_in_room(int room_vnum, int item_flag)

and then loop through world[real_room(room_vnum)].contents , to see if 
any of the objects have that flag set.  If you call this function a LOT, 
it might be more time consuming than having another flag, but it's a lot 
easier to code- you don't have to account for every possible way an 
object can get into a room, and you don't have to allocate the valuable 
room bits for this.

This is off the top of my head so it might not be all correct, but I hope 
you get the idea.

Brian Pape
Reign of Towers

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