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Date: 03/10/96

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Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 01:44:11 +0000 (GMT)
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[Swappin zones out]
> What's everyone think about the problem?

>Nice idea.  Many zones in the bigger muds only get used when there
>are big enough groups on to be able to kick butt in them, so why
>keep them in memory the whole time?

>Objects may be a problem though.  If players own objects that are

allo, im not a member of this mailing list, but ill prolly sign up whenever
i get my butt out of the code and actually sign up, aaanyways
i've been runnin a souped up 2.2 for about a year now, and a big problem
we were havin was memory, so the idle stuff came up and
i came up with some idle code, it doesnt involve touching any protos
and i don't wax any room stuff, but i just purge idle zones if they go a 
complete lifespan without a player in them...and set a Z_IDLE flag on them
(put a bunch of flags on zones, for olc and system stuff)
now in handler, char_to_room, check if the zone player is goin to is 
idle, if so, reset it with probabilities of a normal reset so everything 
doesn't load and what not, set idle time and age of the zone to 0 and 
begin the countdown again...
this doesnt touch protos, just waxes all the objs and mobs in zones that 
are idle, and it saves us about 30 to 40% of mem usage at any given time
seeing that usually more than half the zones *are* idle, cause players 
seem to populate certain zones
anyone interested in this, buzz me, or check out the mud
i dont have a particular function that does this, cause purge_zone and
whatever else is involved i wrote a while ago for olc, but i could
give specifics if anybody wants them

just throwin an idear to y'all

btw, the only problem with this, is if players want to summon a mob from 
an idle zone, in which case they cant, cause it's not loaded, but they 
find ways around it anyways, just have somebody walk into the zone or 
what not..

ok, ive babbled enough

good luck

aka Vall @ Realms of Aurealis 4000

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