Circle 3.0 beta patchlevel 10 released

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 03/10/96

I've just released Circle 3.0 beta, patchlevel 10.

NOTE: The normal ftp site,, seems to be down at the moment.
Until further notice, please use  Patchlevel 10 is
*only* being released at

Notable changes this patchlevel:
  HP/UX and IRIX 5.3+ compatibility.
  OS/2 patches now built-in.. if you're an OS/2 user, PLEASE test this out!
  Utilities all fixed.
  Bug fixes galore.

Give it a spin and let me know what you think.  I've pasted the CHANGES
file in below for those who are interested.

-Jeremy Elson

******** Patchlevel 10 ***************************************************

-- Fixed all the (dumb) definitions of str_app, int_app, etc. -- these
   used to be arrays of 36 because a long time ago I stupidly thought those
   arrays had to be extended to the number of levels on the MUD.  They have
   been correctly changed to reflect the possible attribute values of
   characters (3-18 for PCs, 3-25 for NPCs and Gods).

-- Added Michael Buselli's patches for an enhanced "more" pager that lets
   you go back, forward, refresh, etc.  Nice work, Michael.

-- Made Circle compile under HP/UX with the help of Ben Denckla (required
   an #ifdef for RLIM_INFINITY).  Made some other fixes to get_max_descs()
   in comm.c as well.  I hate this function.

-- Removed the REUSEPORT setsockopt() call from comm.c when opening the
   mother connection.  This never made any sense in the first place since
   REUSEPORT is a UDP and not a TCP thing, plus it broke Circle under IRIX

-- Incorporated David Carver's OS/2 patches.  Circle should now compile
   under OS/2 more or less out of the box (instructions included).

-- Added error checking to number() in case its called with the arguments

-- Added the skill_name() function to safely resolve spell numbers to
   spell or skill names.  Now used to stat potions, staves, etc.

-- Fixed the but in the usage of is_abbrev in find_skill_num that prevented
   spell names from being abbreviated.  Reported by numerous people.

-- Fixed a bug which prevented mag_materials() from working at all (although
   it isn't used in standard Circle code, anyway.)

-- Changed a str_cmp to isname in the FIND_OBJ_EQUIP case of generic_find()
   in handler.c for better location of objects.
   Sent by one of our best bugfinding teams, Eric Green and Stefan Wasilewski,
   KEEP IT UP, GUYS!  :-)

-- Fixed the operation of peaceful rooms so that bash, etc, also don't work.

-- Fixed a dumb bug where aliases (which use player_specials) were freed
   *after* player_specials were freed.  Reported by numerous people.

-- Added values for movement loss for flying and underwater sector types.

-- Bug fixed in do_set which made the PC/NPC checks not work.

-- Changed backstab multipliers from a table to a formula to make adding
   new levels easier.  (Adding new levels is now trivial; you just have to
   change the #defines in structs.h for the LVL_xx constants, and then
   define the titles and exp required for each level in constants.c).

-- do_stat_obj (act.wizard.c) updated to reflect building.doc (very old
   bugs lurking in here) -- stat display changed to reflect real meanings
   of values[0] - values[3] of objects.

-- do_steal changed to simplify the no-psteal code (psteal simply always
   fails on muds where it is not allowed).

-- You can't wake up someone who's dying. (do_wake)
   Patch sent by Lincoln Chan <linc@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU>

-- Message seen when a door opens from the other side fixed. (do_open)
   Patch sent by Lincoln Chan <linc@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU>

-- All utilities ported and fixed.

-- Some changes to Makefile template

-- Help system completely rewritten to use split help files and an
   'index' file just like the world files; help files are loaded into
   memory entirely instead of keeping file positions and an open file.
   New copy of help files imported from Chris Epler (

-- Rewrote one_word() in interpreter.c (used to be modify.c) as part of the
   help system rewrite.

-- New world/ hierarchy from Furry (

-- New 'messages' file from Furry (

-- New 'configure' script which should detect nsl and socket libraries
   more reliably.

-- All scripts rewritten (autorun, automaint, purgeobjs, etc.) to use sh
   instead of csh.  They've been fixed, too (most of them were broken because
   they had not been modified since the location of certain files changed).
   Autorun rewrite by Stuart Lamble

-- New FAQ by Furry (

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